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    Tutorial : how to create gmapsupp.img from MFM map for Garmin Mobile XT

    1. Double click MFM-Garmin-(YYMMDD).exe [Year-Month-Day]. ( Download from malfreemaps )
    2. Select setup language , click OK.

    3. Click Next.

    4. Accept the agreement and click Next.

    5. Recommended to use the default folder for MFM map. Click Next.

    6. Choose Custom Polygons & POIs and click Next.

    7. Ready To Install MFM Map. Click Install.

    8. Installation in progress

    9. Choose Yes to complete the map creation.

    10. Select Map Options & Display Customization.

      • Exclude Colored Polygons (Less laggy) Good for Garmin Mobile XT
      • Include Miscellanous Business POI (Like Insurance campanys, and Others Company Name POIs)
      • Include Road POI (you can search road name under Points of Interest. This option may slow down your Mobile XT)
      • Include Chinese POI (POIs in Chinese Simplify 简体)
      • Enable custom icon for Nuvi 765, 1460, etc (for Garmin 765 and Garmin 1xxx series)

      • Map display customization

        • Full [Full Custom (the road display a bit different) + Custom Icon & Polygon (House & Shop in color)] 
        • Custom Polygon & POI only [Dispaly custom Polygon (House & Shop in color) & POI Icon (Shell station will display in Shell Logo)] 
        • Default (Original Garmin Display)

      I prefer Road POI + Custom Polygon & POI.

    11. Proceed to generate gmapsupp.img with selected Options > click Yes.
      The gmapsupp.img is created in your pc "C:\Garmin\Malfreemaps" (you may copy this file to other unit or memory card after installation)

    12. MFM gmapsupp.img has been created. (Do u want to send this map to memory card Now). If Yes, please select your memory card drive. Map must save within the "Garmin" folder. For example, "F:\Garmin" . It takes a while to transfer your map into your memory card

    13. If you select No, later you may copy the gmapsupp.img  by locating it from your pc "C:\Garmin\Malfreemaps" folder.

    14. Please wait until the "Process Completed" message is displayed. Click OK.

    15. Finish.


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