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    Tutorial : how to install PaPaGo X5 SG&MY for Android built-in GPS phone

    All PaPago X5 users are advised to upgrade to PAPAGO M9 since the last map update for X5 was in August 2011

    December 2011 - installed n working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G

    October 2011 - installed n working fine on my bro's Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

    Problem "can not load map data from external storage" ?
    • because u pasted the Navisea folder into the wrong path. it must be pasted directly onto the phone's drive (eg. F:\, G:\, H:\), not within any folder. the correct path is F:\Navisea\
    • for newest android phones, if u have 2 drives when ur phone connected to the pc, u have to paste the Navisea folder on internal mass storage (not on micro sd card) 

    saya guna Papago kat htc desire saya sejak akhir thn 2010 (install sendiri je).. kat sini saya nak share cara2 install papago untuk android phones.. saje buat in english sbb nanti nak post kat forum pulak..

    first of all, download files (from your computer) as per following links.
    1. PaPaGo! X5.1 SG&MY for Android build Aug 6 2010    52.85 MB
    2. Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei's Map (update 23/08/2011)  160.51 MB
      • mediafire ->  
    for latest map of malaysia, singapore n brunei >> try to search here :

    or here :

    1. Extract the Papago_X5.rar (file number 1 above) & you will have NaviSEA folder, instruction & PAPAGO_X5SEA.apk on your computer.
    2. Mount your phone as disk drive. Copy NaviSEA folder & paste it inside your phone's drive , root directory . for newest android phones, if u have 2 drives when ur phone connected to the pc, u have to paste the Navisea folder on internal mass storage (not on micro sd card)
    3. eg. if your phone is detected as G:/, you have to copy NaviSEA folder directly to G:/ (directly onto the card, not within any folder)
    4. Install PAPAGO_X5SEA.apk 
    5. - via computerapk installer  (eg. HTC Sync)
      - via phone => copy the PAPAGO_X5SEA.apk to your sd card, n then use file manager to install it.
    1. Install file number 2 above to computerC:/Navi (default destination folder) but don't forget to select the correct papago version which is Papago X5 for Android... Then you will have folders of Maps > MFM-PPG-110823C inside C:/Navi
    2. Copy all files inside the MFM-PPG-110823C folder, & paste those files to your phone @ into the NaviSEA\Maps\Country_Name\ (the folder as stated in step no. 2) 
      1. for steps 4 & 5, refer following link for detailed tutorial with screenshots on installing map >>
        the tutorial's screenshots are based on MFM-PPG-110301C map (map as of 1/3/2011)
      1. Enjoy PaPaGo! X5.1 for Android 2.x


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